Women Writers with Wisdom

Nov 27, 2021 by Valerie Taylor, in My Blog

In the Fall of 2021, I interviewed nine female authors who had published their first book after the age of 60. Then I wrote a guest post entitled, Better Later than Never, for Cathy Zane's blog. Naturally, I was constrained by space and could only include a short paragraph for each contributing author, and I really wanted to share all these authors revealed. So, I decided to publish each of their interviews in its entirety here on my website over a period of two months. Enjoy! Picture of Hourglass

Mary Camarillo, author, The Lockhart Women
Diane Ebertt Beeaff, author, Power's Garden
Linda Stewart Henley, author, Estelle
Rita Dragonette, author, The Fourteenth of September
Kate Szegda, author, Pharmacy Girl
Eileen Sanchez, author, Freedom Lessons
Esther Amini, author, CONCEALED 
Judith Teitelman, author, Guesthouse for Ganesha 
Deborah K. Shepherd, author, So Happy Together