Welcome to my world…

Hello! I’m Valerie Taylor, and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. I’ve got great news to share with you!

My debut novel, What’s Not Said, was published by SheWritesPress on September 15, 2020.

What's Not Said is a contemporary story about a middle-aged woman whose divorce plans go up in smoke when her husband is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. As she grapples with his illness, the separate lives they lead collide head-on into a tangled web of sex, lies, and DNA, forcing her to decide whose life to save—her husband’s or her own.

And more news! The sequel, What’s Not True, will be published on August 24, 2021! Between now and when What's Not True is published, there’s so much to do. There’s cover design and interior layout, proofreading, publicity, launch planning, building a social media presence, and so on. Oh me, oh my. Thankfully, I am blessed to have a wonderful team of professionals to guide me every step of the way.

I invite you to join me as I venture down the long and winding road to publication. Check out What I'm Reading for my recent book reviews. And from time to time through my blog, I’ll give you a peek into my life as a woman who has found there is indeed a rewarding life after retirement.