Dec 25, 2020 by Valerie Taylor, in What I'm Reading

Luz book coverWho is Luz and why does it matter?


Debra Thomas’ debut novel Luz (She Writes Press) was an eye-opener for me. Despite immigration from Mexico being front and center in the news, I haven’t spent much energy learning what it really means to desperately need and want to flee your country. This exceptionally well-written story has changed all that.


In the novel, we accompany teenagers Alma and her sister Rosa on a harrowing journey through Mexico to America in a search for their father who’d disappeared three years prior. Through their mutual bond and faith in each other, we experience true sisterly love and caring, as well as deep-seated courage in the face of unknown dangers.


It’s perhaps through Alma’s mathematical mind, she’s able to persevere, to never give up her mission. And when she gets to the other side, and all does not end the way she’d hoped, Alma is rewarded in ways she never expected. Sometimes the past should remain past, because the future holds so much more promise.


Thomas educates us on the perils of crossing the border illegally without inserting a heavy political narrative. As a reader, I appreciated that she gave me just enough history that will enable me to do my own research on topics that are of particular interest to me.


So who is Luz? You’ll need to read the book to get the answer to that burning question!

Luz by Debra Thomas is available NOW for purchase through your favorite bookseller.