Flip-Flops After 50

Dec 11, 2019 by Valerie Taylor, in What I'm Reading
Flip-Flops After 50 book Through more than forty personal essays about family, holidays, and aging, Cindy Eastman displays a real gift for storytelling in Flip-Flops After 50. Each slice of life tale is engaging and relatable. Her honesty forces us to be equally honest about how we’ve engaged in similar situations.

Her humor is endearing and refreshing, especially today when so many books, whether fiction or non-fiction, are shadowy and fearful.

You know, they say you should carry a book with you wherever you go to fill in those moments during the day when there’s a lapse in activity. I highly recommend Flip-Flops After 50. Each essay is short and can be read easily in one sitting…or standing. I laughed and was touched by every story. My only regret was when Eastman tells us she renamed her adopted cat, Maia, instead of Valerie. Really? What’s wrong with Valerie?

Flip-Flops After 50 is available on Amazon.